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Work Study  
Work study applies its methods, i.e. method study and work measurement, to analyze human work potential in terms of time spend on completing a task and looking at ways to make the task simpler and easier in order to increase productivity. Work study is an area used to  increase job performance, optimum usage of plant and machinery, standardization of work methods, etc. Thus, the objectives are:
  • Scientific and analysis of existing methods of executing a task.
  • Measuring performance of qualified workers, and establishing it as standard for performance measurement.
  • Optimum utilization of workers, plant, machinery and other resources at minimum cost.
  • Enhancing productivity and worker mood.
  • Increasing efficiency of organization.
GAMS: Step by Step  
Co-authors: Salah Bahramara


The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is a high-level modeling system for mathematical programming and optimization. It is the first algebraic modeling language and is formally similar to commonly used fourth-generation programming languages. It consists of a language compiler and a stable of integrated high-performance solvers. Among these solvers are BARON, COIN-OR solvers, CONOPT, CPLEX,  DICOPT, Gurobi, MOSEK, SNOPT, SULUM, and XPRESS. GAMS is tailored for complex, large scale modeling applications, and allows you to build large  models that can be adapted quickly to new situations. GAMS is specifically designed for modeling linear, nonlinear and mixed integer optimization problems.